War Powers and Individual Rights

War Powers and Individual Rights - Only if its ABSOLUTLEY...

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War Powers and Individual Rights - Tension arises when the distinction between foreign and domestic is ambiguous o Ex Parte Milligan (1866) Majority: rights are inflexible Minority: political branches judge necessity Korematsu vs United States (1944) Majority: echoes minority in Milligan Murphy: court must judge necessity Jackson: court must abstain from questions of military necessity Congressional Concurrence? o Individual Rights and the War on Terror Hamdi vs Rumsfeld (2004) Plurality: “Properly authorized” military tribunal is sufficient  Scalia and Stevens: Inflexible rights of domestic citizens o 2 options: Charge with crime or let him go/suspend  habeus corpus. Thomas: Unilateral Presidential power US Citizen was caught in Iraq fighting with terrorist. Caught with  AK-47. The Extent of National Power - The Bank Controversy  o Tension between “Necessary and Proper” and the Tenth Amendment
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Unformatted text preview: Only if its ABSOLUTLEY NECESSARY, then it is proper to carry out. Has to prove it o Jeffersonian Strict Construction o Hamiltonian Broad Construction- facilitates the exercise of power-The Marshall Court and the Commerce Clause o Gibson vs Ogden Commerce describe the commercial intercourse between nations, and part of nations, in all its branches The commerce clause extends that commerce which concerns more states than one. Congressional regulation, however, must have a commercial end. Standards require judgment. o Dual federalism and the commerce power Hammer vs Dagenhart federal child labor act of 1916 o Narrow construction of commerce o U.S. vs E.C. Knight Sherman anti-trust act o Schechter Poultry - NIRA...
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