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Marshall Constitution

Marshall Constitution - Return to Limitation-Preserving the...

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1. Marshall Constitution 2. duel federalism 3. narrow interpretation 4. expansion 5. return to limitation Limitation of the commerce power - dual federalism and the commerce power hammer v. dagenhart (1918) – federal child labor act of 1916 sharp distinctions between: o commerce and production o interstate and intrastate - narrow construction of commerce U.S. V.E.C. Knight  Expansion of the commerce power - expansive construction of the clause NLRB v. Jones and Laughlin Steel Wickard v. Filburn - Regulation noncommercial activity U.S. v Darby Lumber Co. (1941) Heart of Atlanta Motel v. U.S. (1964) Outlaw racial discrimination Congress justifies under its interstate powers. - What standards remain? Congress may regulate any activity which has an effect on the  national economy
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Unformatted text preview: Return to Limitation-Preserving the Federal System-U.S. v. Lopez • Gun free school zones act-U.S. v. Morrison • Violence against women act o If you fell under certain standards you can tried and additional tried under state law. o Congress tried to say that it affected nation.-Majority (in both cases): Congress is regulating noncommercial activity for noncommercial purposes. Such power would be destructive of the federal system. • Compare with NLRB v. Jones and Laughlin steel-Thomas’s Concurrence: Return to distinction between production and commerce. • Compare with Hammer v. Dagenhart-The court is returning to a standard of review for federal regulation, but to which standard is it returning?...
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Marshall Constitution - Return to Limitation-Preserving the...

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