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Geol125 (3) - Study Questions GEOL 125 Earth History...

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Study Questions Guide #3 (F07) GEOL 125: Earth History Dr. Hammond Draw a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and indicate the positions of main sequence stars, red giants, white dwarfs, and our sun. How does a star of solar mass evolve on this diagram? What are the energy sources for stars in different parts of this diagram? Why is a mass of at least 0.1 solar masses necessary for a star to form? How does the lifetime a star depend on mass? How long will the sun exist in its present form? What will be the fate of our sun? What are the stages in the life of a massive star? What is the likely fate of a star of 10 solar masses? What evidence exists that earth material was once part of a star? How and in what setting were the following elements primarily produced: H, He, C, O, Si, Fe, Pb, U? Describe the forces interacting between two protons as they approach and undergo fusion. What factors influence density of earth materials? Why does heating change density? What are typical densities of the inner and outer planets? Why do they differ?
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Geol125 (3) - Study Questions GEOL 125 Earth History...

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