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consitutionalism - want a just constitution then once you...

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Democratic Constitutionalism? - Power does not come from the majority, it comes from the procedures of the constitution.  - Constitution is the manifestation of sovereignty.  - Jefferson: o How can a law bind posterity? o How, then, can consent be obtained? o Is tacit consent sufficient? o Usufruct – in use o Possessions are dues are only good when your alive.    o You make a law that binds to only the current generation, but if it is also bounded  to the 2 nd  generation. That is unfair. o A majority can last about 19 years  o Constitution is illegitimate and laws lasting longer that 19 years is illegitimate - Madison: o What are the advantages of perpetual constitution? o What debt is owed by the living to the dead? o You cant have rigid theory of consent. You have to have a constitution. If you 
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Unformatted text preview: want a just constitution, then once you get it you cant throw it away. -Eakin v. Raub (1825) o Penn. Supreme Court – Justice Gibson What is the essence of judicial power? • Apply legislative law to certain cases. • Does admit that a written constitution is authoritative and superior to normal legislation.-Supreme Court o District court appellant court state/federal court supreme court o Certiorari (89) cases 70% get eliminated before it even reaches court Problem with rule of law If it is not made to this list; it is not discussed Rule of four: if four justices of nine. They will hear the case no matter what....
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