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Unformatted text preview: History of News in Modern America 16/01/2008 15:02:00 History of Colonial America ♥ Long gradual transition throughout this time ♥ Takes many generations, about 170 years, for the revolution to take place ♥ During the 1600’s the colonies were very separate; different ways of life and understanding the world. Want little to do with one another. ♥ Over time differences of colonies begin to blur ♥ People came to form colonies… • Religious reasons. Reform churches or escape religious persecution in England. Mainly in the northern colonies. Composed of small family farms. Getting rich is not the point. • Economic reasons. Come to get rich; claim land. Mainly in the southern colonies. Large-scale plantation farming. Trying to find the most profitable crops to send back over seas. Very heavily male. ♥ Massachusetts Bay Colony • Colony started in 1630 • Grows into the city of Boston • Founded by the Puritans with very religious principles • Thought that the church of England was corrupt • Want to establish perfect little utopia • “city on the hill”… they believed that at some point every one would look towards them and follow, otherwise mankind would ruin • very plain people, very suspicious of emotion, pleasure, leisure • believed in pre-destination. Thought certain people were the elect that would go to heaven. Individuals had no control as to whether they were destined for heaven or hell. God has already decided, people are just living out their lives that their creator had made. However, they would look for clues that the divine was trying to tell them as to what their destiny was. • Salem witch craft trials ♥ Pennsylvania • Quakers. Came to escape the oppression that they were facing in England. • Didn’t believe in witches • Very spiritual, liked to talk to dead people ♥ Not coming for tolerance, all just wanted to do their own thing • Rhode Island was where the rejects went • Connecticut has puritan mentality ♥ Jamestown • Founded in 1607 • Struggled for many years to find cash crop • Tobacco saved the colony • Large-scale plantation farms that relied on labor from slaves and indentured servants • These were business men, they had no moral issues about using slave labor • 1619 first slave arrives • indentured servants: usually European. Basically a slave for about 7 years. ♥ Other southern colonies • Georgia- originally founded as a colony for debtors • Maryland- Catholics ♥ Gender disparity in the south led to sexual conquest among the men ♥ South obsessed with the idea of fortune. Studied astrology. South obsessed with the idea of fortune....
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History%20of%20News%20in%20Modern%20America%20notes -...

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