ESSAYed - Hollywood invests hundred thousands or even up to...

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film productions every year. These expenditures would go to the film scriptwriters, actors and actresses, props, booking of sets, promotion and etc. In the process of producing a successful film, it often requires more than a well structured plan. Creative and thoughtful ideas are also essential in process of producing a cinema of attraction. When no structural plan is used, improvisation on the spot of filming can sometimes spark up numbers of great ideas in the progress of filming. Wong Kar-Wai, a Hong Kong film writer and director, does not need to write down his script nor dialogues before hand. His film shows originality and has a strong style of its own that became his signature in the films he creates. We can relate this kind of filming technique to what we studied previously in the course. The on the spot filming is in fact very similar to how pure cinema were made. This style can triggers originality to the film itself and would also bring innovative ideas to the actors and directors. They can interact with each other to enhance their ability in creating new and different approaches for which each shot is to be taken. On the other hand, this filming style can by far give rise to huge production costs and may require a much longer time frame than a scripted film because the on the spot filming may not at all times suit what the film originally need. Wong Kar-Wai is a Hong Kong director that is famous for his style of filming. He has taken the role of scriptwriter in many of his films and has also produced numerous films with his partner through his company. His films did not only succeed in catching the attentions of audiences in the Hong Kong filming industry, but also in many other countries, from which recognition was gained through his work. With this distinctive style presented in his film, he was awarded the best director and international film award. Being the scriptwriter of his many of his own films, Wong Kar-Wai often presents in his work the theme of love, from which an individual strives to establish one’s identify and character in the society within culture of Hong Kong. Many of his films, including Chungking Express, were shot without a script using
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ESSAYed - Hollywood invests hundred thousands or even up to...

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