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For Friday: First Page of 1 st Article Being Used for Paper, and the Project Topic that has been chosen. The hand-in should summarize the article and how we will tie it into our topic. Video: Maharaja Burger by Thomas Balmes Blalmes heard that McDonald’s Corp. was going to set-up shop in India and tries to see how Indians will see the selling of burgers in New Delhi. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Crisis occurs at the same time in England Video beings with story of Mangal Pande (1857) and his refusal to open a shell cartridge open with his teeth be3cause it was sealed with the grease from “the mother cow.” Cattle Hospice and Orphanage treats cows as if they were abandoned children. You can give cows away but you never sell them. Most cows here don’t serve any purpose and at this point people bring them to Goshala. The country is very poor and lives off of the land. Cows urine is used to make medicine; their manure is used to fertilize the land. The BSE Crisis is observed in India, which sees the mad cows killed and burned, but don’t understand why dogs aren’t treated the same way. They are confused that they are happy when cows give milk, but when cows go mad they have no use for them because they aren’t loved in England like they are in India. Sham serves cows and follows his master’s teachings. He believes that all things in the universe serve a purpose and that other beings have equal importance. Indians believe that if the cows are sick, they should be sent to India so they can be cared for properly since they have respected cows since the beginning of time. They believe killing a cow is as bad as killing a man. Indians ask that all of the Earth’s inhabitants become vegetarians. Animal remains form the raw materials for the rendering by boiling and they use the fat as a base for lubricants and use the solids (meat and bone) as cattle food. Indians believe that serving cows is serving god. Cow dung is a cherished gift from the field and they use these pats to cook bread and spinach. Cow dung is also used in crematoriums to turn bodies into ash. Indians have three mothers: The Cow, The Earth, and Country. Cows are not feed meat. They need fire, cows, and the teachings of Krishna in the Gita. Cows are considered the embodiment of the gods. Serving cows allows man to attain an elite state and be re-incarnated as a man.
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Because there are fewer cows now, Indians have to substitute chemical fertilizers as needed to make-up for the lack of natural fertilizers. Indians observe that wanting everything has become a poison similar to the problem as that seen abroad in England of the feeding of cows to cows and the creation of the disease. As McDonald’s opens its first restaurant in its 95 th operating country of India and there is a demonstration in Bangalore India against imperialism against restaurants such as KFC and McDonalds. The Maharajah Mac is 100% Mutton.
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Maharaja Burger - For Friday First Page of 1st Article...

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