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Create Your Own Choicework - Create Your Own Choicework:...

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Unformatted text preview: Create Your Own Choicework: Fighting Terrorism Choicework is a useful way to think through public issues, but the approaches we describe aren't the only way to look at this problem. You may have your own ideas, and people often decide they can't totally buy into one approach. So look at the options below and come up with your own way of looking at the problem. Check off all of the actions you think should be taken and add your own ideas. Check off all of the actions you think should be taken: Move aggressively to head off potential threats If we find a group or country is planning an attack, the U.S. should not hesitate to strike first to stop them. Use economic sanctions, diplomatic pressure and, if need be, military force to isolate countries that support terrorism or who are trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Commit as many troops and as much money as needed to rebuild Iraq into a stable, democratic nation that can be a true ally in fighting terrorism. The U.S. needs to draw in every willing ally it can. But the U.S. should also be willing to go it alone if other countries can't or won't help. Raise our defenses by tightening security Dramatically tighten security on planes, ships, trains and public buildings, including thorough searches of baggage and cargo containers, even if it means delaying flights and cargo delivery. Improve border surveillance and patrols. Create a domestic counterterrorism agency modeled after Britain's MI-5. Increase intelligence capabilities to prevent infiltration by foreign terrorists. Give law enforcement new powers to conduct electronic surveillance, monitor potentially dangerous groups in the U.S., and to use "profiling" to check passengers. Create new sophisticated computer databases, drawing together government and corporate data to spot threatening patterns that indicate a terrorist attack. Tighten immigration rules to keep potential troublemakers out of the country. Spend more money on training local police, fire and medical personnel to cope with terrorist attacks. Use persuasion and collaboration to defeat terrorism Support the United Nations and other multi-national forums that address world problems. Increase foreign aid substantially for Islamic countries that get serious about curbing extremism and promoting democracy. Increase people-to-people contacts and cultural exchange to show that U.S. values are compatible with Islam and help Islamic moderates find outlets for their frustrated youth. Reduce our dependence on foreign oil and work to resolve the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Increase our "public diplomacy" efforts overseas, enlisting Hollywood and Madison Avenue talents to tell our story....
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Create Your Own Choicework - Create Your Own Choicework:...

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