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Study Questions Guide #4 (F07) GEOL 125: Earth History Dr. Hammond What observations do models for the origin of the Universe seek to explain? What basic assumptions are made in developing such models? What observations does the Big Bang theory explain that are not predicted by the Steady State Model? Draw the Hubble Plot for galaxy clusters (velocity vs. distance). How is each parameter determined? What is the significance of this plot? How can the slope of the Hubble Plot be used to estimate the age of the Universe? What assumptions must be made for this calculation? What would curvature on this plot indicate? Is there evidence for curvature, and in what direction? Draw a graph illustrating the cosmic microwave background radiation (intensity vs. wavelength). What is the significance of this graph, and how has this spectrum changed through time? Is this radiation uniform in all directions? What is the concept of the inflationary period, and what features of the Universe does it
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