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LifeUniverseEssay - SURVEY OF ASTRONOMY 806-243 Life in the...

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S URVEY OF A STRONOMY 806-243 Name: _________________________ Life in the Universe Essay Section: _________________________ L IFE IN THE U NIVERSE E SSAY Assignment: Write an essay 2 to 4 pages long (500 words min.) typed and double-spaced on life in the universe. Essays will be graded on the following : How well you articulated and supported your opinions (including scientific plausibility) If you answered the questions proposed. Organization of your ideas. Mechanics of your writing (neatness, grammar, spelling) List any sources besides class discussion and our textbook that you use – either to help formulate your opinions or to support them – in a bibliography at the end of your paper. In your essay be sure to address the following questions : Questions do not have to be answered in any particular order. Also don’t list and number your answers to questions, but write this an essay format with the following issues addressed somewhere in your discussion. 1. What is life? What qualities do you think are necessary for life? Defend why you included
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