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Life in Universe Essay - Michael L. Shumway Survey of...

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Michael L. Shumway Survey of Astronomy Life in The Universe Essay 4/25/08 Life is the cycle of creation, maturing (in the broadest sense of the word), reproduction, and death. After death of the life form, similar organisms continue to exist, potentially evolving into more complex life forms given enough time and optimal environmental conditions including temperature, a sustained food source, and shelter from periods of harsh weather and climate. When examining the idea of life in The Universe, it is important to keep few other restrictions upon the label of life. Though The Universe on a large scale has no special directions or places, the Earth is a relatively special place in that there are no other known planets, which have an atmosphere like the Earth’s, which enables life to continue. The Earth is also at a very ideal distance from the star that it orbits allowing for a temperature at which life can continue. Once the idea of what life is exactly, the question of what comprises intelligent life must be addressed. It can be agreed upon that intelligence itself is the ability to consume proteins to sustain life
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Life in Universe Essay - Michael L. Shumway Survey of...

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