To See, or Not to See

To See, or Not to See - Dennis Zuo Mr Potter AWW To See or...

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Dennis Zuo Zuo 1 Mr. Potter AWW February 24, 2007 To See, or Not to See If you asked me whether a person like me had been cheated out of his youth, I wouldn’t possibly give you an unambiguous answer, since the person whom you are seeking the answer from is still on a long strenuous journey toward self-knowledge and consciousness. Yet the unfading memory compelled me to tell you the truth, at least the part of it. With each passing second, I can only recall the magnificent scene of blood soaking the innocent white canvas, covering the last bit of untainted humanity, and in return forging the iron Red Flag that so many people laid down their lives for. They fought for this day so that they could watch the Flag rising high above their bleached land and guarding what were most precious to them – freedom and equality, but only they realized that their sacrifice served for nothing but a dream; and let the truth be told, no dream lasts forever, nor the beauty of the conjured image painted with lies and blood. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was happy at first. Yes, happy indeed. We all had enough time to dream and not too many restrictions on our freedom. For a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy his dream can never be too big for the world to contain. Isn’t it a bit overdone, though, all this talk about the happiest days of your life? There’s so much you’ve still to learn, so much that you don’t know and can’t do, so many things that you are too young for, and adults can be so insensitive.
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Zuo 2 We took refuge in campfire romanticism, never mind what emblem on the upper left corner adorned the flags that flew above our tents. When the rising Venus surprised us from the sweet dream with the sonorous reveille, we would hope for nothing less adventurous than the day before. The sun climbed up onto the stage with his usual reluctance, filling the world with blinding energy splashed all over the spectrum, illuminating the yawning tips of trees and hastily formed ranks. “Fall in!” exclaimed the instructor. At the age of near thirty, he had already served in the Chinese military force, People’s Republic Army, for five years, as shown by the badge worn on his left shoulder. At the end of his term, he must have been recruited
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To See, or Not to See - Dennis Zuo Mr Potter AWW To See or...

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