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First German paper, Napoleon escapes the dungeon

First German paper, Napoleon escapes the dungeon - Marcus...

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Marcus Zuo Deutsch 203 September 23, 2007 Today is Napoleon’s 25th birthday. However, there are no friends or comrades celebrating for him, because they are either arrested or dead on the eve of the Reign of Terror. Many innocent citizens have died on the guillotine, and it seems like Napoleon is soon going to be one of them. He doesn’t understand why they arrested him . As a young army officer, he has always tried to fulfill his duty for the beloved Republic. Napoleon has served in the army since he was fifteen years old. Although he is a young aristocrat, he hates aristocracy. He detests those rich but stupid nobles. They only care about women and wine, nothing else. Napoleon is never one of them. However, because of his family background, people think he is just another corrupted nobility. Therefore, they accused him for treason, and put him in the jail of Chateau d'Antibes on August 6th, 1794. Napoleon doesn’t want to die. He is innocent! He doesn’t even know when they will release him or just simply shoot him. So when he wakes up on the morning of his
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