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Aristarchus : 1 st Greek to suggest a heliocentric system. Found relative sizes and distances for Earth, Sun, and Moon. Aristotle : Devised rules of physics that stated object’s natural state @ rest on Earth and in uniform circular motion in heavens. Friedrich Bessel: This German astronomer was the first person to measure stellar parallax. He measured this in 1838. Tycho Brahe : This Danish astronomer made most accurate pre- telescopic observations of planets in the Renaissance (1500s-1700s). Annie Cannon : Worked with Edward Pickering on classifying stellar spectra, and created the spectral type sequence that is used to classify stars today. Copernicus : Determined a scale size of the Solar System based on a heliocentric model, and determined sidereal periods for all the planets at the time. Albert Einstein : Won Nobel Prize in 1921 for work on the photoelectric effect. Laws of General and Special Relativity, pointed out flaws of Netwonian Physics and proved a more accurate theory of
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