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Conclusion - ambience that honor and humanity could coexist...

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Dennis Zuo Shakespeare Ms.Neusen November 2, 2006 Conclusion The relationship between Falstaff and Hal appeared intriguing from the very jubilant beginning to the very crumbling end. As if Falstaff represented the dark side of Hal, the prince could never truly diminish his own radiance as long as he was driven by the desire for honor and glory. Through Falstaff Hal perceives the world not as a demented world distorted by the false sense of honor, but as a real and tempting
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Unformatted text preview: ambience that honor and humanity could coexist. Like a guardian angel Falstaff had been constantly protecting Hal from falling into the Abyss that humanity was deprived by mankind’s hubris and avarice, while Hal was incessantly chasing after the glory of the sun. Without Falstaff the Prince would be lost, forever tortured by his own illusion of glory, just like Hotspur....
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