American Policy Issue 2

American Policy Issue 2 - Name: Dennis Zuo Hour: 3rd Date:...

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Name: Dennis Zuo Hour: 3 rd Date: Nov.11 th American Policy Issue Assignment 2: Parties, Interest Groups, Congressional Committees and Legislation 1. Political party positions on the policy issue and key leaders mentioned (media websites and the party's website should help with this) Topic Issue: Fighting Terrorism and Homeland Security Republican 1) Strengthening the U.S. Military 2) Patriot Act – Security above liberty! 3) Strengthening NATO 4) Homeland Security 5) Continued Progress in Iraq Key leaders: George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Gerald Ford, Colin Powell Democrat : 1) Homeland security begins with hometown security. 2) Bush administration is using the public’s fear after 9/11 to serve for their own benefit. 3) Creating the Department of Homeland Security Minor/Third Party 1) American troops have completed their mission. Time to go home 2) We should begin the process of gradually ceding control of te country to the new Iraqi government without delay. 3) American troops will remain a target as long as they remain in the country. 2. Names of interest groups involved in the debate on this policy area and their positions (roughly stated) The Center for Security Policy “promoting international peace through American strength”
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(Cont.) Dennis Zuo Center for Defense Information: a Think Tank interest group that advocates strengthening security through a variety of
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American Policy Issue 2 - Name: Dennis Zuo Hour: 3rd Date:...

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