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Journalism 201 2/11/08 Spring 2008 Professor Loftin Midterm 1 Review Sheet This midterm examination will consist of three parts. The first part will be identifications . In this section you will write a succinct paragraph describing the term and explaining its historical significance in the history of journalism as well as the broader history of the United States. For full credit, each identification must have a date. You will be given a choice of six terms/people and you will choose three to write about. Each identification is worth ten percent (10%) of the total test grade. The identifications will be taken from the following list: Johannes Gutenberg Silence Dogood Common Sense The Boston Gazette Alexis de Tocqueville John O’Sullivan The Great Moon Hoax Horace Greeley New York Herald The Liberator Godey’s Lady’s Book The North Star David Walker Jacksonian Democracy Nelly Bly Jane Grey Swisshelm Joseph Pulitzer William Randolph Hearst USS Maine Muckraker Upton Sinclair Jacob Riis
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