Colleges Cracking Down on Student Drinking

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810835142 BCOR 1010-106 Colleges Crack Down On Student Drinking At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the administration is making the school policy of underage drinking and illegal drug use a lot tougher. It used to be the case that after the second offense, the administration would send a letter notifying the parents of the student’s conduct, but now they are calling the parents after just the first offense. This is understandable, in light of recent events such as the Virginia Tech shooting, but I do not believe that this approach is the best way to go about handling underage drinking. First year freshman are generally 18 years of age – considered to be a legal adult, able to make our own decisions and be held responsible to each action. How then, are we supposed to grow into these new responsibilities if every time we do something wrong there is a letter sent to mommy and daddy at home? The University is trying to crack down on delinquencies and catch potential bad situations before they happen. A noble
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