INDV 102 study guide - Hegamonic/hegemony-to endorse and...

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Hegamonic/hegemony-to endorse and celebrate Liberatory- expose or critique Liberal pluralism- not on exam Ghettoization of the black male of the NBA- viewing everyone in the NBA as being from the ghetto Marginalization- separation of norm forcing people into groups not considered norm The commodification of marginality- using marginalization to sell items, selling groups of people or ideas on the margin of society (IE queer eye for straight guy) Name two key concepts in the film Hoop Dreams- American dream, comodification of marginality Name one positive critique and one negative- (+) Ms. Agee getting a job as a nurse which is obtainable through education, (-) Arthur’s American dream is the NBA which is nearly impossible How does one achieve the American dream- not always available for everyone in the U.S, is unobtainable based on class, race or other reasons How does Sheila Agee’s story line differ from that of black males in the film-She is the only one who makes the actual American dream work for her. Going back to education helped her, she was able to go to school and get a good job education vs luck or talent What was Isaiah Thomas role in the film- American dream for young, black basketball players Name and explain one of the negative stereotypes portrayed in the film- ghettoisiation of black males in the NBA Gender/race wage gap- statistical calculations wages between men, women and race: the average wages among men and women are not equal, nor among different races Semi-leisure-enjoying oneself while at the same time still fulfilling obligations or working, such as folding laundry while watching TV Gender bias in research on women’s leisure- at the beginnings of women leisure research it all came from middle class white males Leisure constraints – intrapersonal (self constraints), interpersonal (among others, structural (society as a whole)
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INDV 102 study guide - Hegamonic/hegemony-to endorse and...

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