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Concert Report 2

Concert Report 2 - background While the guitar plays a...

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Zach Armijo 810070578 3-16-08 EMUS 1832-001 Concert Report #2 I saw the Trailer Park Playboys at the Falcon Bowl on March 14 th . It was a fun band and a good show. They are a “rocka billy” band. The overall timbre is very bright and filled with lots of twang. The band’s music is all written in a homophonic texture. The texture is supported by the constant beats of the bass guitar, while the rhythm is kept with the steady clash of the cymbals and drum beats. The songs are mostly played in a 12 bar blues style. The guitar has lots of twang to it on the high end while it keeps a loose, bass on the low end. The song are played in a very standard A B A B format, maintain the same chorus with little variations the verse. The guitar is held in harmony with the electric piano in the
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Unformatted text preview: background. While the guitar plays a certain chord, the piano plays certain accompanying chords an octave higher and in rapid succession. What I liked about the band was their outfits for one. Nothing flashy, but all dressed like cowboys with a little bit of greaser look to them. I really like the guitar because it gives the band their overall feel of surfer music. The guitar solos were very fast and all drew beautifully from many elements of the blues. I also liked the bass guitar because it was skipping along with the guitar, giving a real low laid back feel while the guitar was playing low toned chords. The electric piano had some pretty good solos too with very fast paced chords and scale runs....
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