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Concert Report 3 - that while it had a homophonic texture...

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Zach Armijo 810070578 4-30-08 EMUS 1832-001 Concert Report #3 I saw the CU College of Music perform A Celebration of American Music at the Boettcher Concert Hall on April 29 th . It was a great experience and I really enjoyed the concert. There was the University Symphony Orchestra, University Wind Symphony and the University Jazz Ensemble. Since there were 3 different groups playing I will choose the Wind Symphony to report on. While all of the groups that played were amazing, I particularly enjoyed the Wind Symphony. The overall timbre was very bright and loud. The opening piece was reminiscent of that of a Roman legion entering a city. There was loud trumpet and percussion playing. The music was played in a homophonic texture. The texture was supported by many beats from the percussion section as well as the lower wood wind instruments, while the main part was played between brass instruments. There was one piece that was played so well
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Unformatted text preview: that while it had a homophonic texture, it sounded like it was polyphonic. The piece was called “channel surfing”. Different pieces were played very quickly and then changed several times to different sub pieces. It was played so well together that it sounded like it was all being played at the same time. The piece Circus Maximus was played in 8 different parts, but all without pause. Each piece effortlessly blended into the next. In the 8 th piece, music from the 1 st piece was played in a very wide crescendo, almost unable to hear it at first. What I liked about the Symphony definitely had to be the 4 th piece called “Night Music I”. I liked how softly it was played and how well the musicians were able to reproduce animal calls. The shotgun blast at the end of the whole piece was also pretty fun....
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Concert Report 3 - that while it had a homophonic texture...

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