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To: From: Subj: Potential Career Paths in the Accounting Industry Date: March 23, 2006 I have always been a person of analytics and mathematics. I enjoy problem-solving and number crunching, whether it is has been in an algebra or statistics class. In the beginning of my college career, I started out at community college where I had no idea what my major was going to be. I realized that I needed to find an industry that was professional and supplied several job opportunities. I became empowered with the thought of becoming a business major. Not only because of the room for advancement and future prospects, but because I could learn to apply my number crunching skills in a financial setting that would secure me a promising future. This is how my natural qualities and strengths have led me to pursue a career in the accounting industry. I will begin this memo by introducing the potential careers in Accounting and the requirements that are expected by employers in the Los Angeles and New York areas. I have chosen these two cities because I believe they are the prime locations to be when considering a position in Accounting. Following the job descriptions, I will then take a more personal outlook on my future, and discuss what agendas I have been working on in order to gain a better grasp of my career. Next, I will analyze the research that I have been conducting for the past few weeks, and lastly an overall conclusion of how this assignment has allowed me to better understand the accounting industry. Job Description Accountants carryout various tasks that include analyzing, preparing, and verifying financial statements for clients. These clients include either a large company or simply an individual that is in need of financial advice. There are four major fields within the accounting industry which tend to be the most popular for future Accountants. According to, these fields and their job duties include: Public Accounting- Perform tasks in auditing, tax returns, and financial consulting for corporations or individuals. Consulting- Offer financial advice to clients regarding asset management and equity accounts. Forensic Accounting - Perform investigations of financial transactions within a company to uncover any unethical accounting practices. Management Accounting - Managerial tasks such as budget analysis, performance evaluation, cost management, and strategic planning. Within these four accounting fields, there are many positions that range from entry-level to top-level jobs. Although the structure of accounting positions may differ on the size of a firm, the status level
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can be strongly correlated to the amount of experience an individual has. Refer to Figure 1 for a visual breakdown of the job positions held within a firm. Figure 1. Structure of Accounting Positions within a Corporation (L.A. and N.Y.C.)
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Career Memo - To From Subj Potential Career Paths in the...

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