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Reflection 2 - Growth and Development 1 Growth and...

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Growth and Development 1 Growth and Development Jared Restivo PSY 220 March 25, 2008
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Growth and Development 2 Whereas most of psychology cannot be considered a concrete science, the works by both Piaget and Ainsworth have such concrete backings and examples that they can be easily absorbed and were very interesting pieces. The idea of growth, development, and the family impact on the child is so real to me. My mom’s sister is adopted, and throughout this section, I felt as though I was learning about her, through the stories my mother told me about her sister’s childhood. The article by Ainsworth (2007) is, in my opinion, accurate and correct about the types of children and how they develop into adults. With Piaget’s definition of intelligence looming in the balance, this section of the class was very fascinating. Jean Piaget (2007) wrote the essay which properly explained the stages of the intellectual development of the child. After reading it, it took a while to analyze it, as the vernacular was difficult. However, the group activity in class with childhood examples of
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