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PSY 100 Chapter Three

PSY 100 Chapter Three - situation you recognize that you...

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Jared Restivo PSY 100 Chapter 3 In Chapter 3, there was an emphasis on the biology of the nervous system and the brain. I was fascinated by neurons, which controls the feelings in the body. At first, looking at the diagram, it seemed so simple, but I figured that, because of their size, information mustn’t move too quickly through the body. Then I read that when I touch a hot object, neurons send information from the contact point to the brain and from the brain back to the point of contact. However, in real time, it is less than a second, so these neurons are effective. At this point, I thought the myelin sheath was just there for protection, because the neurons seemed reliable independently. However, upon stubbing a toe, or a similar
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Unformatted text preview: situation, you recognize that you stubbed your toe, but it takes a moment to feel pain. This is because the neurons from the feet up don’t have as much myelination, and the distance is further. From the toe to the brain to the toe is a long trek, so the pain is not immediate. I also thought about burns and burn victims. I had always been told there were three degrees of burns, each more severe than the previous. However, I heard that second degree burns were the most painful, because the third degrees burned the nerves. I accepted that fact as true without thinking about it. Now I understand that the nerves are damaged and cannot send information to the brain, so the brain does not recognize an injury, so there is no pain....
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