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journal 6 - Jared Restivo PHL 100 Sect One Both Williams...

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Jared Restivo PHL 100, Sect. One Both Williams and Nozick had feelings on the opposing subjects of equality and freedom. However, the two had completely differing opinions on the subject, on two entirely opposed aspects of the continuum. Williams felt that the perfect world would be a place of complete equality while Nozick strived for absolutely freedom. This debate sparks great controversy, and allows for many levels of depth in discussion. Williams’ belief in equality over freedom resembles a socialist system, where everyone seems to encompass a large middle class. This system is best for those who lack skills or capacity to be great. There are no poor people or homeless, which is a good aspect. However, with no poor comes no rich, which is the reason for the large middle class. Also, with an understanding that one cannot achieve great wealth, motivation is often lower in systems of equality. In a socialist system, health care is an assumed, and every member of the community has it. In terms of sports, everyone has an equal right to
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