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extra credit 4 - Jared Restivo Extra Credit#4 In"Eating...

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Jared Restivo Extra Credit #4 In “Eating into the Nation’s Obesity Epidemic” by Ann Conkle, the health of the United States of America is called into question. The article began with an address by Kelly Brownell in which the many popular slogans of foods were called out, and the brand name was yelled out by the audience. This is similar to a section of the documentary “Supersize Me” when a family sings the Big Mac song but cannot recite The Star Spangled Banner. It shows negligence in Americans, and it is clear that the food industry must love it; they are definitely doing something right. The strongest part of the essay is this collection of statements, “Five factors influence food choice: accessibility, convenience, taste, promotion, and cost. Unhealthy foods win out on all five.” It is such an obvious statement, but so intelligent as well. While we, the Americans, know we should eat more vegetables and eat healthier overall,
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