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In the essay “Ambition: Why Some People Are Most Likely to Succeed” by Jeffrey Kluger, I found the name very ironic. Throughout the reading, there were many studies conducted regarding the field of ambition and motivation. However, through it all, this essay proved very inconclusive to me. The main facts regarding ambition are that it seems to be derived from our ancestors and kept through evolution. However, it seems to be as much nature as it is nurture. In the article, it described the Shipp twins who are successful entrepreneurs. It is stated that 30-50% percent of twin’s profiles overlap, which is a significant percentage. However, it does not account for 50-70% of the profiles, which can become a discrepancy in ambition at some point in life. The article also talks about social classes, which seemed a waste of time, because it didn’t make any strong assertions. It named our last three presidents, the Bush’s and Bill Clinton. The Bush’s were born well-off and have been very ambitious throughout
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