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Major Nutrition - Jared Restivo Section One For the personal nutrition project a typical week was recorded for the dietary intakes as well as the

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Jared Restivo Section One April 23, 2008 For the personal nutrition project, a typical week was recorded for the dietary intakes, as well as the physical activity. An average week will show the approximate nutrition, which can, along with an individual’s gender, height, weight, and amount of activity, show how healthy one probably is. The food record also helps to show how one can improve their diet and lifestyle, in latent terms. This assignment, along with teaching individuals about nutrition and a healthy diet, also offers great individual advice for a more intelligent future nutritiously. According to seven day average, my caloric intake was approximately 2524. This number is much less than the Expected Energy Expenditure, or EEE, that was from 2901 calories a day to 3109 calories a day. It was also substantially harder than the recommendation from My Pyramid Plan on, which advised approximately 3200 calories. The main reasons for this noticeable drop from what I need to what I am getting are due to four main factors. They are the portion sizes, the potential for missing small mid-day snacks, the MyPyramid website shortcomings, and the factor that I have been attempting to lose a few pounds. The first variable involved with the caloric intake is the portion sizes. Due to the college eating situation of most meals at the Callahan Center, the foods are not packaged, they do not have listed ingredients, and on occasion, one may not even know exactly what they are eating. When on the MyPyramid website, it asks for exact measurements of
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the food eaten, which can cause errors, which affects the absolute caloric intake. Also, one slice of pizza may be bigger than another or one hot dog longer than another, which also can greatly affect the total daily caloric intake in one’s diet. The second variable in my diet’s caloric intakes were the small snacks and quick bites, which one may forget to add to his or her daily meal tracking. During the days I kept track of my meals, carrying around a pen and paper. However, if I grab a cookie while watching television, I may forget to add that to the daily meal tracking sheet. This may affect the caloric intake greatly, as most quick little snacks are not healthy, with examples being cookies, candy, potato chips, and others. Overall, each snack may seem unimportant, as it is just a little thing. However, over the span of the day or week, those little snacks can affect the caloric intake as much as any other factor. The third variable with the caloric intake numbers is Although the site is wonderful at accurately diagnosing a diet, as well as helping one to find out how their personal diet should appear, there are definite shortcomings. One of the weaknesses of the website is in the MyPyramid Tracker, which takes one daily intake of food. When one enters the food item, a few problems occur. One is the list’s brevity. I had plain meatballs for a meal, and when I went to the site, there were only options that
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Major Nutrition - Jared Restivo Section One For the personal nutrition project a typical week was recorded for the dietary intakes as well as the

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