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Vitamin D By Jared Restivo Section One For my presentation, I would like to make a guarantee I will teach you what you need to know about Vitamin D I am doing a poem, to help you recall Details like Vitamin D’s other name is calciferol Vitamin D has a few functions, like regulating levels of phosphorus and calcium It maintains bone integrity, keeping the body from getting weak and numb It also maintains over 30 body tissues, to which it excels. Finally, Vitamin D stimulates the maturation of cells. With a deficiency of Vitamin D, children are in the most danger Rickets and osteomalacia are diseases that can occur For an adult with not enough Vitamin D in their diet Osteoporosis, which can cause fractures, is something they can get Toxicities of Vitamin D can prove fatal, to much chagrin It is, by far, the most toxic of all the vitamin
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Unformatted text preview: Vitamin D raises the blood mineral level to dangerous points Calcium is deposited in soft organs, and hardens them like joints The calcium in the soft organs can cause malfunctions and problems Serious consequences could potentially stem Vitamin D mostly comes from a non-food source, the sun So to get enough of it, go outside and have fun You can also get it from milk, margarine, & liver Sardines, Salmon and Shrimp have it, if seafood you prefer. Because you get enough Vitamin D from the sun, The Adequate Intake number is barely above none It is 5 μ(micro) grams a day, which is scarcely a bite And that assumes an absence of exposure to the sunlight So, when trying to maintain good health, Do not be too concerned with Vitamin D By going outside and walking around You will be maintained sufficiently...
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