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weight loss diet essay

weight loss diet essay - Jared Restivo Section One Weight...

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Jared Restivo April 11, 2008 Section One Weight Watchers It is hard to turn on the television these days without viewing diet commercials of some sort . Everyone is making promises of losing weight quickly, and people continue to buy into these new crazy diet choices . Weight Watchers has been around since 1961, and has proven to be one of the most fundamentally solid dieting plans . The main reason this diet is effective is that it is not a fad diet, and it works to change individual habits through group encouragement . The first of the twelve checks to how well this diet serves nutrition is the number of calories . An average female needs no fewer than 1200-1500 calories, and the average male needs at least 1500-1800 . According to the typical Weight Watchers diet, a female gets approximately 1200 calories and a male gets about 1600 calories, both of which can fit into a normal, healthy diet . Therefore, this section does not give a demerit into the total diet score . The second, third, and fourth checks to judging the quality of the diet all regard the amounts of the three main types of nutrients . The second aspect is the amount of protein . In the Weight Watchers diet, roughly twenty percent of the diet, in terms of caloric intake, is proteins, which fits pretty accurately into the necessary intake . The third
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aspect of the diet is the fat . Every diet needs enough fat for balance but not so much fat as to go against current recommendations . A good amount is about 20-35% of the calories . In the Weight Watchers diet, 20-30% of the calories are from fat, which is a healthy amount . Finally, in step four, there is an emphasis on the correct amount of carbohydrates . The Weight Watchers diet is built on the idea that each individual eats approximately 50-60% of their calories with carbohydrates . This is healthy, prevents ketosis, and is substantially different from many fad diets . Check five of the quality-judging of the diet is the balanced assortment of vitamins and minerals . From the last section in class, there are obvious and often dangerous deficiencies to each and every vitamin and mineral, so a good diet needs to include all types of foods; Weight Watchers is very successful in doing this .
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