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book report - Rising Up From the Ashes Jared Restivo April...

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Rising Up From the Ashes 1 Jared Restivo April 12, 2008 Rising Up From the Ashes Live strong . This has been the slogan that Lance Armstrong has lived by and promoted . It explains his mindset, his motivation, and his perseverance to triumph to win the Tour de France seven consecutive times . These victories, as well as the idea to ‘Live Strong’ all occurred following his near death bout with cancer . Like a phoenix rising up from the ashes, Lance Armstrong proved he could comeback with strength and power . In It’s Not About the Bike, not only did Lance Armstrong survive cancer, but he bettered his life in doing so . Lance Armstrong is a hero, a role model, and an inspiration to any and all . Lance Armstrong began his athletic career as a child prodigy in swimming . After a while, he converted to the triathlon, which is swimming, biking, and running, which he primarily excelled in the biking portion . Eventually he became a professional biker, but never was really successful . Then in 1996, he woke up one morning to find his testicle swollen “to the size of an orange” (Armstrong, p . 9) and sore to the touch. When he had it checked out, he discovered it was testicular cancer, and upon further testing, it appeared the cancer had a major metastasis, or transference via either blood or lymphatic vessels, to the lungs . Eventually, by the same means, the cancerous cells even entered
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Rising Up From the Ashes 2 his brain . His HCG levels, a hormone primarily found in pregnant women, were exponentially higher than they should have been, moving Armstrong into the worst prognosis category . Cancer and athletics do not mix; one cannot effectively succeed with both . Before the diagnosis, he had signed a two year, $2
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book report - Rising Up From the Ashes Jared Restivo April...

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