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LST Take Home Exam 1

LST Take Home Exam 1 - Jared Restivo LST 100 Take Home...

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Jared Restivo LST 100 October 16, 2007 Take Home Exam #1 Question #1 In Christa Wolf’s Cassandra (1988), the title character stated, “Good fortune requires no courage” (p. 150). The quote inversely implies that bad fortune requires courage. In Bernard Malamud’s The Natural (1952), Roy Hobbs continually is faced with conflict and misery, but always seems to rise above it and accomplish great feats. The ability to show resiliency against the difficult times proves that Roy indeed has amazing courage. As an exciting prospect, Roy was about to make a professional baseball team. However, the day before his major league tryout, he was shot by a mistress and began a descent that veered him from the highest level of the sport for about fifteen years. Most people would figure that the woman was a show of karma, and maybe being a professional athlete was not a career for them; Roy Hobbs was not one of those people. He never gave up and came back to the majors as a 34 year old rookie. Hobbs joined a last place team, the New York Knights, that couldn’t buy a win and was immediately benched by the coach, who assumed that this old man couldn’t still play baseball. Once
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