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1 Jared Restivo Nutrition Section 01 February 15, 2008 Lose Weight Eating Junk Food? In the February 2008 edition of Health magazine, the cover article explored an interesting subject . The article was about how dieters can actually eat the foods traditional considered “junk foods,” and still lose weight . While the statement of eating junk food and losing weight is usually erroneous, this magazine claimed to give realistic opportunities to implement these foods into a healthy diet . Author Camille Noe Pagán intelligently acknowledged that a diet requires sacrifices, but gives the dieter a few outlets that won’t solely be good for the diet, but may actually be pleasurable to the individual . Health magazine is geared towards middle-aged adults, mainly females . As a February edition of the magazine, there is an assumption that individuals are probably still working off the weight from their New Year’s Resolution . This article is trying to keep the hard-working dieters from quitting the new lifestyle by giving them more indulgences without giving up on the diet . The major factor of the article is the ability to add back small amounts of less healthy food along with the more nutritious foods of the new diet . It is rumored that approximately ninety-five percent of diets fail. Probably by February, some New Year’s Resolution diets might be at a breaking point . That is why
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2 this article is convenient for the time of the year . It tells dieters that they can remain in this new lifestyle, losing weight, and still be able to indulge once in a while with foods like red meat, ice cream, and pizza . The foods included in this article include many common indulgences, but most of the foods are followed with a cautious tagline . For example, the first type of food that can be eaten in a diet is a red meat . However, not just any red meat is recommended; the extralean or 97 percent lean is considered advantageous . The other foods are ice cream, eggs, pizza, and Canadian bacon . Ice cream is recommended as a lowfat choice, but dairy is recommended for prevention of osteoporosis in bones . Eggs are recommended because
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Health Mag Article - 1 Jared Restivo Nutrition Section 01...

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