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LST harry potter and roy hobbs - Heroic Paths Jared Restivo...

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Heroic Paths 1 Jared Restivo November 27, 2007 LST Essay #4 The Heroic Paths of Harry and Hobbs As a young man with great abilities, the fame and luxury can go to one’s head . Being treated like a celebrity can often detract from the necessary experience and growth to actually fulfill the goals expected . Conversely, when a man capable of great feats is kept from the limelight, this neglect enhances the effectiveness of the person, while maintain a much more modest outlook . In “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” Harry Potter was the most famous wizard from early childhood until the age of Wizarding School, and knew nothing of his notoriety . In “The Natural,” Roy Hobbs was out of the limelight honing his skills for fifteen years before he got his big break with a major league team . In both circumstances, the protagonists of the stories were much greater heroes than if they were the center of attention through their rites of passage . Roy Hobbs came up as a young baseball player and was immediately thrust into the spotlight, when he too had a heartbreaking and life-changing moment, though it was due to his ego and naivety . He was young, and he challenged the greatest baseball player to a pitch-off, and defeated him in front of a crowd, more specifically a woman named Harriet . However, he was too concerned with sex and the women to recognize danger. The night before his tryout with a major league team, he visits a women’s room . Little
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Heroic Paths 2 did he know, she was an athlete murderer, and she shot and nearly killed him . For Roy, the next fifteen years he remained out of the spotlight and didn’t play professional baseball
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LST harry potter and roy hobbs - Heroic Paths Jared Restivo...

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