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Research Paper - Near Death Experiences 1 The Psychological...

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Near Death Experiences 1 The Psychological Effects of a Near Death Experience By Jared Restivo PSY 100 Deolinda Raposo December 10, 2007
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Near Death Experiences 2 Regardless of how fulfilling a person’s life is, there are only two really important days in everybody’s life: The day they are born and the day they die . Some people, however, have a third day of great significance, a day of a near-death experience . A near-death experience is a sensation or vision reported by a person who has come close to dying (Dictionary . com). When an individual experiences this impression, many feelings come over the body . There are psychological effects that the body immediately experiences, changing one’s life forever . The effects of a near-death experience upon one’s life are significant, and the observation of these sensations should be observed . A near death experience, or NDE, was not coined until 1975, but its history dates back to ancient times . It was often ignored or misunderstood into lunatic nature. Because it does not happen to all individuals in that situation, it is difficult to know what to believe . Near death experiences gained notoriety when in 1892, when geologist Albert von St . Gallen Heim published a collection of the subjective observations of mountain climbers who had fallen in the Alps, soldiers wounded in war, workers who had fallen from scaffolds, and individuals who had nearly died in accidents and near-drownings (Greyson, 2005) . He reported many out of body experiences and unworldly stories often involving religion . It was not understood at the time what these individuals were experiencing . For the near death experience, it has been difficult for many psychologists or scientists to
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Research Paper - Near Death Experiences 1 The Psychological...

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