LST Major Essay- The Natural

LST Major Essay- The Natural - Hobbs and Fisher Jared...

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Hobbs and Fisher 1 Jared Restivo LST October 2, 2007 Hobbs and Fisher: What’s The Difference? Throughout The Natural by Bernard Malamud, there is a definite underlying question of whether or not Roy Hobbs is a hero. The fans, for the most part, expect him to be the traditional hero. Also, his coach, Pop Fisher, holds very high expectations for Roy. However, his heart is often in the wrong place, which never allows rising to the hero plateau, which is like Pop. Due to their similar triumphs and ultimate failures, Roy and Pop are designed to show the contrasts of their declinations and their common endings. Pop Fisher was an unfortunate man, who failed primarily due to bad luck and distrustful companions. As a player, he became immortalized for a sad and inopportune moment. During the biggest game of his career, he was about to score the tying run and become a hero. Instead, he tripped over and was tagged out before scoring, ending the game, and from that point on considered himself cursed. He was a humiliated man, and left the sport of baseball altogether until he was not recognizable to the generation of fans, at which time he returned as a coach. As a coach, Pop Fisher was not dealt the best cards either. He had little power over his team, most of which was due to the team owner, Judge Goodwill Banner, who owned the team to make money, not to win. Pop Fisher had a small percentage of the ownership, and Judge Goodwill Banner wanted Pop to quit, thus owning the team
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Hobbs and Fisher 2 independently. The team was horrible for many reasons, some of these reasons being bad players, a less than confident coach, and a weak fan base. The players were weak, because Judge refused to pay for the expensive players. The coach only knew how to
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LST Major Essay- The Natural - Hobbs and Fisher Jared...

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