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Jared Restivo PHL 100, MWF 10-10:50 Journal #3 In Bhagavad-Gita, the first key word in the appendix was the English word action, or karma. Karma plays such a significant role it has transcended languages and is a popular word in English. Karma is roughly defined in English as making decisions that affect one’s future, as in shaping one’s destiny. I think of it like the common phrase, “karma’s a bitch,” which is when an individual does something immoral, and then seems to get bad luck or an inopportune streak soon after. In my personal experience, karma has played an unconscious role. I think of myself as at least moderately nice, moral, and respectful. I think I have had a few nice breaks or good rolls if you will. I am not wild about the English equivalent to karma, which is probably why karma has become an English term. Action and karma cannot be considered synonymous,
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Unformatted text preview: as karma encompasses so much more. Action is one isolated entity, without reasoning or consequence. Karma is an action followed by an inevitable reward or punishment based on the morality of the action. One of my favorite performers of all time is John Lennon, and he had a song titled Instant Karma. From the song, which is a popular entertainment reference to the term, I pulled a few significant lyrics which I found imperative. Instant karmas gonna get you, Gunna look you right in the face. Better get yourself together darlin, Join the human race. These lyrics provoke the emotions that real humans are the moral individuals who benefit from karma, and those who ignore karma are not complete humans....
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