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week 10 assignment

week 10 assignment - 1a margin of error= 0.085 1b With 90...

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1a. margin of error= 0.085 1b. With 90% certainty, between 29.9% and 46.9% of all cars in America are made in Japan. 1c. The margin of error would be greater; a 95% confidence interval would be wider. 2a. The proportion in this city is 0.1909 2b. According to this data, the city’s youth is drinking much less than the average, with the national average being 30% and this city being about 19% 2c. The statistics explain that this city has a lower average than the national average. However, the data was complied through asking the children, so that is a variable, as many kids may lie, in fear that they could get into trouble for answering truthfully. 3a. With 90% confidence, the sample proportion is 0.236714976 3b. With 90% confidence, the reproductive clinic has helped about 24% of the patients with an eventual successful birth 3c. 90% goes along with the success rate, making the margin of error anywhere from 19% to 29%. 3d. To say the clinic has a 25% success rate may be deceptive, because it doesn’t take into consideration the margin of error and the 90% confidence. Also, it doesn’t take into
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