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personal narrative - Young Love Lauren Zeinstra As I start...

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Young Love Lauren Zeinstra As I start the long trek up the hill to my playhouse I realize that I forgot the cookies. The very thing I left my beloved fortress for is still sitting on the counter, waiting to be snuck away. So, I turn around to face my house and head back toward the land of no return: the cookie jar. Looking around, I sneak into my house (which is odd because I have no reason to sneak into the place I live) and make my way to the kitchen. The scent of vanilla and cinnamon wrap around me as I enter the room, and I feel my heart beat faster as I lay eyes on the cookie jar. Nervously, I step out away from the doorway and into the vast expanse that separate me from my target. This is it, do or die. If I get caught, the consequences could be detrimental. We’re talking major trouble here! I’m risking my life (what little life a six year old can have) for these cookies. I feel like I’m on some sort of secret mission and if I slip up we all go down. The different outcomes race through my head and, for a moment, it seems like a much better idea to just leave the cookies and make a break for it. But then I imagine the disappointed looks on the faces of my best friends, knowing that I let them down. With that, a new serge of energy explodes my body into full force as I hear something inside me saying ‘just do it’. The James Bond theme song plays in my head and I lunge forward, practically enveloping the jar, fearing that I might drop it and then all efforts would be lost. Mission Cookie Jar has commenced. Once outside, I fumble up the hill and have to stop half way to catch my breath. The weather is hot and wet, making my clothes cling to my skin. My hands are sweaty, which makes holding on to the cookie jar an incredibly difficult task. Finally, I reach my destination and step inside my fortress. The playhouse is overwhelmingly heated and as I enter I feel my lungs fill with hot air and I can barely breathe. I climb up the hidden ladder (it is disguised as a bookshelf to keep the boys out) and make my way to the “Girls Meeting”, and I sigh as I set
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personal narrative - Young Love Lauren Zeinstra As I start...

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