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PSY 100 Chapter One

PSY 100 Chapter One - essentially a clean sheet and from...

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Jared Restivo PSY 100 Chapter One In Chapter One of the Psychology book, much of the basics were explained. From perspectives to the underlying questions of psychology to the specific aspects of psychology, the opening chapter had a plethora of information. However, through it all, one fundamental discussion appeared to shine through: nature vs. nurture. Nature is defined as the biological qualities from birth. Essentially, these qualities are built into our DNA and are unchanged. Nature cannot be considered different in any place or circumstances in the world, regardless of culture, race, or other variables. Basically, individuals are unaffected by their parenting or rearing, so nurture does not have any bearing on behavior and development. As for the other option, nurture is defined as how an individual is brought up, as in the way they are reared. Everyone is brought up differently, which allows for their unique personalities. Those who believe in the theory of nurture believe that a baby is
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Unformatted text preview: essentially a clean sheet, and from the moment they are born begin to be molded into the person that they will be when grown up. Those who believe in “nurture” believe that behavior is not biologically ordained. Although it might seem like an easy way out, I truly and adamantly believe that everybody is partially correct in this debate. Nature probably plays a part, as alcoholics often breed alcoholics, and often children of professional athletes become professional athletes. On the other hand, nurture is definitely affects the behavior of an individual. A good example of that are twins separated at birth. Although they have similarities, the way they are nurtured apparently makes a difference in behavior and personality. Therefore, this is not a black or white debate, rather a debate with many shades of grey....
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PSY 100 Chapter One - essentially a clean sheet and from...

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