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Essay One

Essay One - Jared Restivo Philosophy Section 01 Essay One...

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Jared Restivo March 31, 2008 Philosophy Section 01 Essay One, Prompt One One individual is going to court to be persecuted, and the other is contemplating entering a battle against his own blood, and these two more fully understand the ideas of both piety and devotion better than most. In the Euthyphro by Plato, the key to the text is an attempt at understanding the purpose or the definition of the word ‘piety,’ as well as any purpose to devotion to one’s family. In the Bhagavad-Gita, the theme is the difference between the self and the action, and how that can lead to proper devotion to other humans or to the Gods, which is considered piety. The two concepts can convey a sense of understand of what is the meaning of existence and living ‘good’ lives. Although the two tales come about these concepts in greatly different ways, the understanding is unchanging and greatly significant. In the Euthyphro by Plato, the discussion of piety comes up between Socrates and the title character. Both individuals are heading towards the courthouse, for very different reasons, on different sides of the law. Euthyphro was going to the courthouse to prosecute his father for murder, which is punishable by death. On the other hand, Socrates was being sent to courthouse because he was being prosecuted for corrupting the youth. As they walked together, Socrates stated how Euthyphro must be very religious and intelligent to charge his father for the crime, claiming, “Your knowledge of religion and
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of things pious and impious (is) so very exact” (Euthyphro). He then asks for some insight, as it could benefit in his own trial. The following dialogue proved a great deal about the information that both characters truly understand. Euthyphro answered questions. Socrates asked them. In doing this, Socrates revealed his immense intelligence. He would ask a simple question, specifically, “what is piety?” to Euthyphro, and when Euthyphro could not properly answer it, it had an impact that might have led to a change of heart for Euthyphro, before he went to court to
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Essay One - Jared Restivo Philosophy Section 01 Essay One...

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