PSY 100 Chapter Fourteen

PSY 100 Chapter Fourteen - is responsive with low control,...

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Jared Restivo PSY 100 Chapter 14 Reaction Paper This semester, I am taking two psychology classes, General Psychology and Lifespan Development . In Lifespan, the roles of parents were quickly discussed, and I was interested . Now, in chapter 14, it is discussed, and I have an opportunity to really learn about it . There are four types of parents, and it is set up like a Punnett square. On one side is the amount of control, either being high or low control . On the other side, it shows the amount of nurture, with responsive or rejecting . If the parent is both responsive and high control, they are authoritative, which is what I consider my parents . If a parent
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Unformatted text preview: is responsive with low control, they are permissive . If a parent is rejecting (which I consider worse) with high control, they are authoritarian . Finally, if a parent is rejecting with low control, they are uninvolved . These four types of parents all have different influences on what type of adult their child turns out to be . In my family, my parents are involved and truly care about my two brothers and me . They will yell and be obedient if need be, but are not just angry for the sake of it . I am thankful for them, and I think their nurture will allow me to grow up to be a normal functioning adult in the real world ....
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