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Jared Restivo PSY 100 November 7, 2007 Chapter 8 Reaction Paper In Chapter 8 of the Psychology book, the chapter was on intelligence. There were many different descriptions of intellect. Something that I found interesting was the theory of multiple intelligences. Howard Gardner notes that mental abilities appear to be independent, so a person could be proficient in one facet of intelligence while lacking in others. Gardner stated that there were at least seven types of intelligence. They are musical, bodily/kinesthetic, spatial, verbal, logical/mathematics, intrapersonal, and social. A few of them I found most interesting are musical and bodily/kinesthetic. The reason for this is because musical is a traditional intelligence, while bodily/kinesthetic is unconventional. Musical is fascinating because I personally feel that a musically-gifted person is naturally talented in other facets of intelligence. However, Gardner claims they are independent, and explains that Mozart could write music before he could read, which
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Unformatted text preview: is amazing to me. With bodily/kinesthetic intelligence, it seems like a more newly discovered intelligence because it is out of the ordinary intelligence. For example, in school there are classes which really emphasize most of the other intelligences, but not bodily/kinesthetic (everyone gets good grades in gym). I think this type of intelligence is the most independent from the rest. Just on one professional sports team, the Boston Red Sox, there are many great bodily/kinesthetic intelligences, but many who, in a traditional sense, seem unintelligent. Manny Ramirez has lived in America since he was 4 and can barely speak English. Jonathan Papelbon has lived in America his whole life and can barely speak English. However, these are individuals who excel at their type of intelligence, bodily/kinesthetic, which is a feat of the human body....
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