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Jared Restivo October 31, 2007 PSY 100 In Chapter 7, I learned about thought and language. It was a kind of strange chapter, because, more so than any previous chapter, I felt like I knew everything, but also knew nothing. The terminology was a foreign language to me, but I knew what the definition meant. I know what problem solving is, I know what decision making is, I know what language is, but I have no idea what heuristics, connectionism, or phonemes are. Overall, this chapter was a pinpointing chapter for me, where specifics and titles were learned. One of the subjects that I knew, but inversely did not know was heuristics. Heuristics are defined as cognitive shortcuts for selecting among alternatives without carefully considering each. Essentially, this subject is quick irrational judgments, aka ‘jumping to conclusions.’ There are many subdivisions of heuristics, and the two from the textbook were representativeness heuristics and availability heuristics.
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Unformatted text preview: Representativeness heuristics are heuristics in which people categorize by matching the similarity of an object or incident to a prototype but ignore information about its probability of occurring. This reminds me of stereotypes. As for availability heuristics, it is when people infer the frequency of something on a basis of how readily it comes to mind. In this, people assume that what they can recall is more common and typical. Overall, heuristics are not the best qualities in humans. However, that does not mean that they should be ignored altogether. Rapid judgment occurs; people stereotype. It’s not right, but it happens. Rather than look the other way, it should be observed and explain why it is done in the first place. By giving in-depth definitions of heuristics, it conveys that psychologists are not ignoring the ignorance of society....
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