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week 8 assignment - of digits on numbers like 7 or 8 It...

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1- There is basically, no pattern; the graph shows random scatter. With such a small sample, I didn’t expect to see any concrete patterns yet. 2- The six digits of the die are all somewhat similar in values. This is much more similar to what I expected, as the probability of the die landing on each number is exactly the same. 3- There is even less correlation in the values of the results between this graph and the first graph, with one die. This graph shows no patterns or probabilities. 4- I would expect the values to be gravitating towards central numbers, such as a lot
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Unformatted text preview: of digits on numbers like 7 or 8. It should resemble a normal or central distribution. 5-This graph shows a near perfect normal distribution. The probability of central numbers is greater, and this is clearly displayed over the large population. Compared to number 3, this is a much more accurate portrayal of the use of two dice. I expected this to be very symmetrical and normal, which it clearly was....
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