week 9 assignment

week 9 assignment - is 90 with a sample size of ten which...

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Jared Restivo 1. a- 3.9E-53 b- 1.29874E-48 c- 1 2. a- 3.94E-60 b- 2.67766E-55 c- 1 3. a- 0.348678 b- 0.38742 c- 0.19371 d- 0.651322 e- 0.012795 4. a- 9 b- 0.348678 c- 1 d- 0.929809 e- The probability of nine is the greatest. This makes sense, as the probability
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Unformatted text preview: is 90% with a sample size of ten, which equals nine....
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