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Jared Restivo Week 11 Assignment 1. Ho=1770 H1>1770 Test statistic =2.63572949 Reject the null hypothesis. The cost for commuters did increase over the study period, according to this study. 2. Ho=25 H1>25 Test statistic = 4.736842105 Reject the null hypothesis. The null hypothesis was false and the alternate hypothesis is true. The wait is really more than 25 minutes in the emergency rooms in the study. 3. Ho=150 H1≠150 Test statistic = 1.157024762 Fail to reject the null hypothesis. This means that the sample is accurate enough to state that the null hypothesis is true. There is truly an average mean of 150 Calories in the yogurt
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Unformatted text preview: products. 4. Ho= .5 H1<.5 Test statistics = -0.851256531 Do not reject the null hypothesis. Essentially, the sample mean did not stray from the initial mean, proving that it is likely that half of all teens receive speeding tickets. 5. Ho=12 H1<12 Test statistic = -2.32056923 Reject the null hypothesis. The company is cheating its customers by not filling the cans to 12oz, and thus, the products are improperly labeled. 6. Ho=20 H1>20 Test statistic = 3.24797512 Reject the null hypothesis; the alternate hypothesis is true, meaning that there is too much Phenobarbital in this medication, and may be unsafe for children....
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