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On the care and feeding of the Response Card RF: Giving answers and receiving feedback. To use your Card to give an answer to a clicker slide, simply point the Card at the podium and press the appropriate key. You may press another key if you change your mind; only the last key pressed is recorded (as long as the key is pressed while the computer is still recording input). Ignore the GO and ? buttons; we shall not use them (except to set the channel; see below). If your card is working properly and is set to channel 41, you should receive a signal that the answer you sent has been accepted: the light should glow green for about three seconds. Whenever the Card sends a signal that is not accepted (or senses an incorrectly pressed key for any reason) it will flash red/yellow eight times followed by a solid red light for a few seconds. This (or any signal other than green) means that your answer has not been recognized by the computer. The most common problem is a card that is set to the incorrect channel.
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Unformatted text preview: Please check your channel setting, and try again. If you’re sure that the Card is set to channel 41 and it’s still not being recognized, please see me. Channels on the Response Card RF. Only channel 41 is usable for BISC 220. If you’re not sure about the channel number you’re using, change to channel 41. To do so, wait until the light is off (if you’ve been pushing buttons for a while). Then follow these steps: Press And the light should: GO alternate red/green 4 show an additional yellow light when pressed; then the light will continue alternating red/green 1 shine yellow and red, continuously GO turn continuous green for a few seconds You have a second or two to press each of the keys, but must not press them too quickly. If all goes well, you’ll see a green light after GO. Anything else means that some problem occurred (in my experience, there are many ways that this will not work). In that case, just do it again until you get a green light. W. McClure 29 Jan 2008...
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