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birth of a child essay - classified as a girl color at...

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Bradley Nagle Sociology 100 Denise Scott 9/19/07 While looking at cards congratulating parents for having a new baby, it is easy to see that there are differences between cards for boys and cards for girls. They range in categories such as color, pictures, and even the messages are different sometimes. Our society regulates the way that people can express things to other people. There are pre- made cards with pre-picked colors for boys and girls. This shows that society just wants to keep things as they are—no more changes. But even now, things are much different then they were back in earlier times in this country. African-Americans used to be slaves, women used to stay home to raise the kids and make dinner, and 12 year old boys could join the army. Things are much different nowadays, and will probably only continue to change. I looked at a variety of different cards for boys and for girls. I noticed that the colors primarily used for girls cards was either pink or yellow. Pink has always been
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Unformatted text preview: classified as a girl color, at least since Ive been around and Ive never really understood exactly why. On Wikipedia, there is an article about the color pink that states, It has been suggested that females prefer pink because of an evolutionary preference for reddish things like ripe fruits and healthy faces. But as everybody knows, Wikipedia is not always right. It is an interesting point though. Throughout history, women in society have always been involved with preparing food or making their children healthy, so it makes sense that they would like the color pink. On the boys cards however, the colors that were most used were blue or green. Blue and pink are basically on the opposite side of the spectrum. Blue is a dark color, pink is a lighter color. People are naturally inclined to get a blue card for a boy and a pink card for a girl. Answer question 2...
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birth of a child essay - classified as a girl color at...

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