HW1 - 2 A 50 mg sample of a dental cement composed of a...

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Chemistry 207 Assignment 1 Due: Friday, September 7 @2:00pm Name______________________________________ Lab TA____________________________________ Lab Day/Time________________________ Practice Problems from Chapter 2: 5, 11, 19, 25, 29, 43, 53, 57, 59, 70, 86 1. A gas of Cl 2 molecules is analyzed in a mass spectrometer, as illustrated in Fig. 2.14, and the following masses and percent abundances are found. Mass (u) of Cl 2 % abundance of Cl 2 69.9378 57.43 71.9348 36.71 73.9318 5.866 (a) Use this information to identify the isotopes of chlorine, and give their mass numbers and masses. (b) Use this information to calculate the atomic mass of chlorine, as reported, for example, in a periodic table. Hint: If the chance of rolling a die and getting a 4 is 1/6, the chance of rolling two dice and getting two 4s is 1/36.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A 50 mg sample of a dental cement, composed of a single chemical compound, contains 16.58 mg oxygen, 8.02 mg phosphorous, and 25.40 mg zinc. The formula weight of this compound is between 250 and 400 g/mol. Determine the formula of this compound. 3. A metal M forms an oxide named X. X has empirical formula MO 2 , and is 13.38 mass per cent oxygen. When heated, X gives off oxygen and converts to Y, which is 9.334 mass per cent oxygen. (a) What is the identity of metal M? (b) What is the empirical formula of compound Y? 4. A widely prescribed allergy medication is entirely composed of C, H, Cl, N, and O, and is 54.62 mass % C, 5.89 mass % H, 23.02 mass % Cl, and 6.07 mass % N. Its molar mass is less than 600 g/mol. How many molecules of this medication are contained in a standard dose of 10.0 mg?...
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HW1 - 2 A 50 mg sample of a dental cement composed of a...

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